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Things Every Female Traveler Should Pack for a 10-Day Trip Archives - Professional Travel Tips & Tricks

Things Every Female Traveler Should Pack for a 10-Day Trip

Many women panic when packing for a short trip. While you can fit your 10-day wardrobe in a wardrobe, not every item in it will be necessary for your trip. Therefore, consider packing the following things when going on a 10-day journey.

3 Shirts

Three shirts are enough for a 10-day trip. If you must increase this number, add one or two shirts. That way, you can reduce the space the tops take in your travel bag. Also, consider shirts with different colors while thinking about matching them with the bottoms.

3 Bottoms

Pick comfortable slacks or shorts and wear the heaviest outfits on the plane. Additionally, think about trousers that match the tops or shirts you plan to pack. Nevertheless, focus on packing light without compromising your comfort and style.

3 Dresses

Maybe you’re not a fan of dresses. If so, carry other bottoms and tops instead of dresses. However, go for slim tanks that you can wear under layering pieces. Also, bring lightweight drawstring pants or shorts in jersey, rayon, or cotton. If you carry dresses, pick the ones you can wear twice. Sleeveless dresses are the best because they are more comfortable.

1-3 Light Jackets

The number of light jackets you pack depends on your travel destination. However, you can take at least two jackets if you plan to attend evening events. Also, you can use the jackets to switch up your looks during the day or wear them on the plane.

3-7 Accessories

Scarves and jewelry are the most direct items to buy and carry when traveling. You can also bring earrings and necklaces to make a statement, especially when attending special events.

2-3 Pairs of Shoes

Closed-toe shoes are ideal for wearing on the plane. The other pairs should be versatile and lighter. Also, consider a gorgeous shoe for a night out.

In addition to these items, female travelers should carry undies, a vanity pouch, and a small bag. That way, they can maintain comfort and style while traveling.  …