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Clever Ways to Hide Money in Your Clothing When Travelling Archives - Professional Travel Tips & Tricks

Clever Ways to Hide Money in Your Clothing When Travelling

Cash is a necessity that every traveler should always have regardless of the destination of your trip. But according to a blogger pal of mine that does a lot of traveling thanks to his successful business out in Texas called Southwest Appliance Repair, he shares with me that it is also one of the easiest ways to attract criminals, which can put you in great danger. That is why it is advisable to always hide your money when traveling. And, clothing is among the safest places to hide money during a trip. Below are clever ways on how to conceal money in clothing when traveling.

Under Garments

The underwear is the first layer of clothing and can offer a safe haven for keeping money during trips. Today, you can easily find traveler underwear with small pockets that come quite in handy for keeping money. If you do not have one of these, simply fold the bills, wrap them in a paper and slide inside the front side of the underwear you are wearing. The wrapper might cause discomfort on the skin but, not compared to humiliation of losing the money.

Shoes, Socks and Leg Wallet

Shoes and socks are also a great idea for hiding money when traveling since it is not usually easy for anyone else to access them on your body. Carefully fold the bills into tiny bits then, place them inside the socks. For low profile socks, put the money in the foot bed so you can feel them as you move around. Besides, you can also tuck the money in a leg wallet.

Belt with Hidden Wallet

Just like traveler underwear, there are also security belts with hidden wallets that you can use to conceal money during travels. It is just like a normal belt but, with an additional compartment on the inside for keeping money. Simply fold the bills in half, tuck them inside the compartment then, wear the belt normally.

Concealed Pockets in Pants

While there are many kinds of pants that come with hidden pockets, you can also DIY. One of the best places to sew the smaller pocket is at the bottom of the pants leg. You can also create a hidden pocket under the zipper or next to the wrists.

The above ideas can be very helpful in safe keeping money when traveling. But, you should also be vigilant and act normal so as not to attract unwarranted attention.