Best Honeymoon Travel Destinations

After tying the knot to the one you love, it is just in order that you get down to a romantic adventure at a discreet location. Generally, there are many travel destinations across the world that you can visit for your honeymoon. Below are some of the exotic travel destinations to consider for a fun packed and memorable honeymoon.

Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara, California has continued to make headlines as one of the best destinations for honeymooners. Besides the sandy beaches, it has also incredible scenic views for romantic adventures. The wine country is home to luxurious boutique hotels and beach resorts where you can also enjoy a wide range of activities with your loved one. Here, you will also enjoy a variety of cuisines with local, Mexican and Western influences.

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece is also an ideal honeymoon travel destination that has hosted top celebrities from across the world including, Usain Bolt. The architecture of this destination is one of the things that will strike you upon arrival. Besides, its strategic location along the beach also makes it an irresistible retreat destination for love makers. Mykonos has a brewing company and over 100 hotels, taverns and restaurants. Here, you can also enjoy a wide range of water activities and other romantic adventures.


Fiji is known for its lush tropical landscapes and great weather all year round. Fiji has an extra ordinary beauty that has even attracted film makers. It is the location of the TV series Survivor. Couples visiting Fiji can take tours to the island of Malolo for water activities. You can also check into the overwater bungalow in Fiji for a romantic experience. The villas here are exquisite and refined to perfectly appeal to honeymooners.

Other great honeymoon travel destinations also worth checking out include Jamaica, Los Cabos in Mexico, Bermuda, Thailand, Belize, Indonesia, Costa Rica, St. Lucia, Island of Hawaii, Nassau Paradise Island in the Bahamas and Ibiza, Spain.

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Places to visit in London

Your trip would not be complete without visiting top attraction sites in London. Here are those places that should top your list when you visit London. They will make your vacation worthwhile.

Ranging from the coca cola eye in London to the historic tower are among the top attraction places that you must see in any trip to the capital. Many landmarks in London are free while others charge a discounted rate or have special offers when you use your London Pass. You can use the London map of attractions to locate all of them.

There are a lot of places that are kid friendly to visitors. You can also get personal and close with the creatures underwater at an aquarium SEALIFE in London. You can also explore the museum of science as the interactive center of technology and science. These places are perfect family fun days out in the capital.

The list can be long but there are those places listed below that can top your list.

  1. Warner Bros, studio tour

Enjoy a magical day watching behind the scenes films of Harry Potter at the Warner Bros studios in London. Watch the sets first hand, props and consumes in the harry potter films. You can get a chance to see the insides of some locations in the film which include the Dumbledore’s office, Hagrid’s hut, and the Great Hall. It’s the wild and ultimate experience of Harry Potter.

  1. SEA LIFE London

Get a glimpse of the deep sea at the sea life in London. Get to view over four thousand species including stingrays, clown fish, moray eels and sharks in the aquariums. Test your shark walk on the glass when you get to see stunning turtles from the green sea. Learn more about their feeding times through daily talks.

  1. Churchill War Rooms

Discover headquarters located underground where Churchill directed his government in the wartime as they were dedicated entirely to the course during the Second World War. It is located at London’s heart and is close to the station in the west minister.

  1. Tower of London

Have a tour around the London Tour, one of the most famous towers in the world. Discover its history that is nine thousand years old as a prison, arsenal, zoo, royal palace and a place of execution. Gawk at the white tour and tiptoe to the king’s bedchamber and be awed by the jewels on the crown.

  1. London Dungeon

Get a bit of the capital’s most horrible ancient history at the Dungeon. You will experience thrilling rides, live actors and exciting special effects. You have to be brave enough to go through the ninety minutes of recounting London’s darkest past.


There are so many other places that you can visit if you decide to tour the Capital. They are areas that are favorable for day trips while others are appropriate to visit during any time of the day. Explore commuting using the hop on and hop off bus tour. There are so many things that will give you the ultimate London experience making you wish you could stay a while longer in the city.